Efficiency and professionalism in the management of any document.

The development of European legislation in the field of personal data protection generates for your business the need for electronic archiving of documents at the highest level of security, professionalism and compliance with legal norms.

WeHost supports you by offering electronic archiving services worthy of the third millennium and which protects you from any inconvenience, through the guarantees of integrity (without alteration) and authenticity associated with archived documents – electronic signature and stamp.

First of all, we offer you long-term confidence and peace of mind.

Advantages: compliance with the law, access to legal evidence, data recovery, document audit, identification, classification, retention and display of documents and data.

  • Technical solutions: Fujitsu-Siemens 2019
  • Switching: Barracuda 2019
  • Routing: SOPHOS 2019
  • UPS: Eaton 2019